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09 May 2019
It has been a dry Spring to date
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07 May 2019
We are so privileged in this country to wake up in April or May
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22 March 2019
We are experimenting with new finishes on the tools
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21 March 2019
It should be unless you have eaten everything!
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25 February 2019
I often ask why people fill their gardens with ornamental flowering trees when they can have flowers and tasty fruit? (Two for the price of one!)
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31 January 2019
For several years I have kept a group of dying lilacs....
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13 January 2019
Despite the cold weather, there are many jobs to get on with ... 
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09 January 2019
My fruit cage is finally secure from birds, rabbits and squirrels ...
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06 November 2018
As November brings darker evenings the herbaceous borders are looking a little sad.
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28 October 2018
Well the dahlias are all now dug
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    If the farmers have not been able to get on the land then best We gardeners don’t stamp all over our waterlogged lawns and damage our soil structure.  - January 19, 2020
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