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Kitchen Garden Blog

15 May 2018
Banking potatoes is to be enjoyed if you have the right tools!
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14 May 2018
Here is how to tackle a slug problem in your kitchen garden....
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20 April 2018
Something is hiding in the grasses!  
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19 April 2018
Getting the kitchen garden ready for the seedlings grown in the greenhouse
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17 April 2018
At last the temperature reaches 20 degrees, and the first housemartin appears in the sky! 
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06 April 2018
We thought you might like to see how we make the tools. 
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29 March 2018
Rather than Spring coming, Winter kept coming back!
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31 January 2018
The snow drops are here!
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12 December 2017
Tucking in for winter
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29 June 2017
Using the prototype...
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