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08 July 2018
I was intrigued by my bee hotel...

Well we have had our full of peas, somehow it seems wrong to freeze them and make soup as they are so special but I confess I am pleasantly full.  

It seems like August rather than the beginning of July, with the sunflowers in full bloom and the quietness of the birds as full heat scorches the earth.  We even have Michaelmas daises in bloom, which should peak at the end of August when the red admirals and tortoiseshells are in full flight, but even they are now building in numbers.  One bird that seems to have suffered in the weather this year is the blackbirds as we have had only one successful brood this year with one more about to fledge from the barn.  


The flip side of this is our wild strawberries (the sweetest of them all) have not been invaded and with a little watering keep producing.

As I write this blog the two house-martin nests are very active outside my window and the spotted flycatchers is sitting on eggs in an old house martin nest at the front of the house for the second year running. Newly fledged green woodpeckers are learning to hunt ants on the now browned lawn and the first marbled whites and skippers are in the wildflower turf. Good luck to them all.


I was intrigued by my bee hotel when I saw one has used a red flower petal to seal the entrance. A little bit of searching and I found one of the gladioli with the characteristic bite marks and a complete colour match. These flowers are just coming and I wonder if the new fresh growth was more attractive to the bees than their usual leaves?

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