Kitchen garden reaching its crescendo

Kitchen garden reaching its crescendo

I say the kitchen garden is reaching its crescendo... although the peas and beans are still reaching for the stars, we are starting to see gaps where we harvested the garlic and are starting to dig the potatoes. We dug the garlic relatively early as the wet Winter, dry Spring and big temperature fluctuations has caused some of the heritage bulbs to rot. Luckily the Elephant garlic and Caulk White were OK. The tip here is to make sure the soil is really well drained before planting in the Autumn.

Its mad out there but I love it!

The two periods of intense heat so far this summer have helped the courgettes, pumpkins, French beans, tomatoes, chillis and cucumbers, but I think it is responsible for the peas in places seemingly starting to die off prematurely.

Not having a superb crop of peas is a big downer for me! Also, although the potatoes have recovered from the frost, they will be at least two weeks late before we can crop properly.

Elephant garlic large bulbs on the left and Caulk White on the right



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