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23 July 2018

Dibbing those leeks and understanding a bee's bum...

Well the rain hasn’t come but the leeks must go in. Prepare the ground and give it a good watering, this then allows you to push the dibber in, making a nice hole without the sides falling in. Then water well so the holes fill up and continue daily, especially in this heat. Not only do I like being able to pull a leek all winter, they also look nice in the kitchen garden when not much else is about.

I had a mass clear up today, the first pea sowing is now over and they needed pulling up. I then dug over the plot roughly with a view that the sun this week will kill off any weeds that I have not removed. This also gave a lot more light to the padrum peppers which should now come into their own. Order is restored and I can see the paths again apart from one row of old peas which is now festooned with a gourd taking advantage of the structure to clamber over its fading support. My only seedlings left are purple sprouting which I deliberately left late due to all the white butterflies we have this year. I will put a wire cloche over them for protection.


Lots of buff tailed bumble bees “bombus terristis” on the thistles at the moment but also the rarer tree bumble bee “bombus hyporum” feeding on the raspberry flowers.

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