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13 January 2019
Despite the cold weather, there are many jobs to get on with ... 

Cold, wet, frosty and short days in December can be frustrating so when the weather does pick-up make sure you can quickly enjoy your time outside even if only for short periods. I got outside for just an hour on Sunday, but was really pleased to move around 20 foxglove plants out of paths and the kitchen garden to fill a shady corner under the mulberry tree. By the time the foxgloves come into full bloom the mulberry will only just be coming into leave. They transplant really easily this time of year, no watering required, no slug problems and being very hardy will have a head start on the weeds in the Spring. Foxgloves have a habit of coming up all over the garden and I always leave them to transplant now in midwinter. They will be a great nectar source for bumblebees. 

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