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09 January 2019
My fruit cage is finally secure from birds, rabbits and squirrels ...

Now my fruit cage is finally secure from birds, rabbits and squirrels I have decided this winter to take out the yellow raspberries. For some reason they do not grow well here, ripening late and with little flavour. I am going back to my old favourite Autumn Bliss, which not only produces masses of fruits but also readily throws up multiple new shoots which I can use as replacements. A tip when pruning the raspberries is to be ruthless and thin out those shoots due to flower next summer and repeat when the Autumn fruiting spurs start growing in the Spring.


I took some red currant and gooseberry layerings back in the summer, which have nicely rooted and are now ready to plant out. This is a really simple technique. Just peg a low hanging branch into the ground (dig out a shallow hole and fill first with compost if soil is not rich in humus) and water well or cover with slate or brick to keep cool. I have also replaced some of the stakes supporting the single stemmed gooseberries which are now pushing 6 foot. This a great way to maximise space in the fruit cage and helps pruning and picking.


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