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12 November 2019
Our products come in nice square boxes easy to wrap, making a simple garden tool a really unique thoughtful gift.

Small gardens, raised beds and new Gardeners
As a perfect starter gift we now offer a hand tool set featuring a long handled trowel, long handled fork and a dibber.
Our border fork and spade are lighter and easier to use than the standard tools, often called a Ladies fork or Ladies spade. Perfect where lightness and finesse is required over brute strength.

Large gardens and experienced gardeners
Our standard fork and spade are for serious gardeners who are looking to cultivate larger kitchen gardens and flower borders, ideal for lifting and moving herbaceous plants. For a really versatile tool perfect for planting new shrubs and trees we have the new Groundbuster, which will help break into new ground

Mygardenspade products are already unique but make them even more special with a personalised message so your family and friends are reminded of you every time they go into the garden

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