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21 March 2019
It should be unless you have eaten everything!

I treat anything from the garden at this time of year as exactly that – a treat to be brought out for the weekend.  With the mild winter we are still eating purple broccoli, leeks, kale and French parsley from last year, while we have new season rhubarb (forced). We will also have the first sea kale in a week or two and then we will be in the “hunger gap” until probably cooked gooseberries in June. But you have to plan now if you want crops later. Last weekend we put in the early potatoes (Charlotte). I had already dug and manured the ground last October, so it was really easy to cultivate after a winter of worm activity. Using a scaffold plank to walk on and draw a straight line I dig a trench, half fill it with garden compost/manure and then place the potatoes about 15” apart with their beautifully chitted sprouts facing upwards. Then cover over with more compost and then bank over the top with the remaining earth to form a small ridge. Sit back and wait a month...

This is the way to plant potatoes, lying in a warm bed of our own compost

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