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05 November 2019
Now is the time to tuck up the vegetable garden for the Winter

Any squash, pumpkin or runner beans if not already frosted, soon will be and they can be dug up and the ground forked over (big fork) and if possible covered with a layer of compost or well rotted manure.
Likewise dahlias and other tender plants such as salvias can be dug up in the flower borders (border fork) to be placed in greenhouses or sheds and compost spread over the bare soil

November is a key month for planting new trees, shrubs, soft fruit and most herbaceous plants while the soil is still warm, so their roots can continue growing for a little while giving them a head start in the Spring. If the soil is compacted or you are breaking new ground start with our Groundbuster now available to order, then loosen up the soil with a fork. 

I planted some Autumn spectacular "acer palmatum" and Winter spectacular cornus "mid winter fire" this weekend among our sarsen stones and it really does the job.  For more cultivated ground use one of our spades to suit your size or strength.

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