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23 July 2019
We are now entering peak time for vegetables and soft fruit.

We are now entering peak time for vegetables and soft fruit. You wait a long time and it is suddenly upon you so check daily how things are progressing.
We are now harvesting peas, potatoes, courgettes, tomatoes, peppers, broad beans, plus all the currants, raspberries, loganberries and dessert gooseberries. Almost there are the first French beans, shortly to be followed by cucumbers and then runner beans.

The leeks are ready to go out, but I will wait until the weekend until we get this forecasted 30c temperature behind us. This is where the new Mygardenspade dibber comes in handy. Unlike most plants leeks like some room around their roots and base, when first re-planted.

 I can sit for hours watching the house martins and swallows
Our three most important summer visitors have nested this year, swallows, house martins and spotted flycatchers. The flycatchers for the 3rd season running in an old house martin nest high up on the gable. They and the swallows are now sitting on their second brood.

The house martins are feeding their first brood still and did not finish the nest before the eggs were laid leaving the young quite exposed. I have a theory that the dry springs we have experienced both this year and last meant it was difficult for them to find enough mud. The swallows used an existing nest and now with their second brood have just added straw and feathers

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