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23 June 2020
Have you noticed there seem to be more wildflowers this year?

A really wet Winter leached a lot of the nutrients and then a really dry Spring made it harder for the grass to grow, net result more flowers. My lawn is no exception and I love it.
A couple of years ago I reduced the main lawn by planting four blocks of wildflowers, with the intention of having a perfect lawn in-between. Well I got my perfect lawn but not in the way I intended, it’s a profusion of clover (full of bees), selfheal, daisies and buttercups.
It needed cutting in the Spring and I did root out all the thistles and dandelions, but I now mow around the edge to give a green border between it and the wildflower blocks, followed by conventional mowing in September.

A positive result from lockdown, as I watched it grow and asked why am I cutting this every week? I particularly love the contrast with the taller wildflower blocks, creating more of that Edge habitat I spoke of in my last blog

Paths cut around the main lawn and the taller wildflower blocks to help accentuate the wilder areas.

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