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28 October 2018
Well the dahlias are all now dug

Well the dahlias are all now dug, tubers washed, dried and put in the greenhouse for the winter. A couple of tips. Dig them before it gets too cold as they are better drying outside after you have washed the soil and weeds out from between their roots. As it's at the same time as I am taking the tomato pots out of the greenhouse, I use the tomato spent compost which is nice and dry mixed with a little sharp sand to pack around the tubers. We have some very sharp frosts here so I make sure nothing is showing above the soil even in the greenhouse and this also keeps the voles at bay who like a nice bit of dahlia starch. This is worth doing as the dahlias you buy online or in the garden center are pretty small, but after a couple of years you can build up some really large plants.

The other job I love at this time of year is digging over the veg garden – I know there is a trend for “no dig” but over the summer the soil gets quite compacted and I like to open it up before I give it a covering of garden compost and horse manure. The soil being still warm decay and worms will continue breaking this down well into winter so the soil is easier to work come spring. 

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