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26 September 2018
Border fork, border spade and a hoe!

Our orders are still overwhelmingly birthday presents for husbands and fathers, followed by professional estate gardeners. However, judging by the enquiries we receive, we will finally be able to unlock that undoubted female gardening talent with the launch of our new border forks and spades available for order on our Website from September 27th. 

These tools will make gardening more enjoyable for the ever-increasing number of women who love getting out into their kitchen garden and among their flower beds. They all have the same 'mygardenspade' robustness, but weigh less, are shorter and have a smaller blade making work lighter and easier. They are the perfect present for your wife / mother / special friend. 

To compare:
Standard fork weight 1.95kg and length 103cm versus Border fork weight 1.75kg and length of 99 cm
Standard spade weight 2.55kg and length 103cm versus Border spade weight 1.95kg and length of 99cms

More hoe less weeding

In addition, we are really pleased to announce our new mygarden hoe. Again, it has the same 'mygardenspade' robustness made of carbonised steel and based on an old onion hoe design with a swan neck. This is the hoe to use when some finesse is required, when weeding around flowers and vegetables. We have all pushed a Dutch hoe too fast and sliced off one of our newly planted treasures. With this hoe you drag it towards you and angle its sharp blade around the plants. It should save you bending down!

And finally, a little word on our swallows. The parents left the new fledglings way back at the end of August but the youngsters still roosted each night in the nest on their own up until the 11th September. Then they decided somehow, independently, that it was time to go South to Africa.  Amazing! I wonder where they are now, Cornwall, France, Mediterranean, The Sahara? Big World small birds.

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