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07 May 2019
We are so privileged in this country to wake up in April or May

We are so privileged in this country to wake up in April or May. The dawn chorus, the varying shades of shimmering leaves and their various stages of development. And as we look out across the garden the sheer profusion of expectation is all there waiting for a bit more sun, a bit more rain, a bit more daylight and a bit more warmth. Everything is upright, flower or vegetable, striving for the sky with promises for the future. How is it possible that so many spectrums of green really exist?

Already the potatoes and broad beans are showing, and the peas are climbing tendril by tendril up the jute netting and the old canes of last year’s Michaelmas daisies I use for support. The broad beans are shiny dark green quite uniform while in contrast the newly emerged potatoes are matt with a purple tinge in the centre. The French parsley, nicely overwintered, is exuberant in growth with that vivid gloss of something that is growing fast.

The foxgloves on the other hand, which I leave self-sown and scattered across the kitchen garden, are pale like pastel and smoky. As you walk around delicate tips of fern fronds are just unravelling and the dark red heads of peony stems boldly state their intentions for next month.

In the picture you can see Sweet corn, courgettes, pumpkin, cucumbers, peppers and a really fun cosmos hardening off in the fresh air before being put back under cover each evening to keep warm. I will wait until the wind turns West and we get a good shower before planting out. I also want them to be at least a few inches taller to give them better protection from slugs and their roots just starting to poke out of the bottom of their pots. This timing makes all the difference.

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