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23 August 2019
I am really pleased to be able to launch the new hand tool gift set

Hand tool gift set
I am really pleased to be able to launch the new hand tool gift set. For years I always wondered why hand tools were so dam short and you had to get down on your knees for simple weeding and planting jobs?
These have a total length of 48cms so you really can work and keep your knees straight, especially if you are managing a raised bed. Again, they are made of the same carbonised steel as our standard spades and forks with ash handles with a useful leather strap so you hang them up and not lose them in the weeds.

I have included a dibber as well since they are such a useful tool to use when planting plugs allowing your plants a deep root run without disturbing all the surrounding soil. The “D” handle assists in pushing down with force, helped by a metal tip, but we do recommend you properly dig and cultivate the soil before using the dibber.

Now is the time to dib those leeks or plant up your brassicas before Autumn.

Beech cane topper

I hope you like our new offer of a free cane topper with every order over £200 including at least one standard fork or spade. It’s a super natural beech product, plainly waxed to smarten up bamboo wigwams for runner beans or sweet peas. Replace the plastic toppers commonly used and old bits of string and smarten up your garden!

Coming soon new Dutch Hoe

Coming soon new Groundbuster 

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