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17 July 2019
Cooking from your garden reaches new heights of inspiration this month

Cooking from your garden reaches new heights of inspiration this month.
Here are two recipes when either you have just a few of everything or you have a glut of something

First for the few of everything

A frittata using what’s available
Fry you first garlic and red onion with two of your chillies still green and add a couple of courgettes after 5 mins. Cook until showing some colour but don’t overcook, put to one side. Meanwhile you have boiled three or four of your beautiful new Charlotte potatoes and as they are almost ready add some fresh broad beans and peas for a couple of minutes at the end. Chop up the cooked potatoes and all add peas and beans to the frying pan with the courgettes. Then in a bowl whisk 4 eggs, add pepper and salt plus grated parmesan, cheddar or broken mozzarella (my favourite). Pour over the frying pan cooking for about 5 mins or until it moves like an omelette and then finish off under the grill. So simple and using all different bits from the garden

And now for the glut

I must have grown a lot of peas as we have been eating them for 4 weeks, grazing every day but we cannot keep up so time for really tasty pea soup. Lightly fry some garlic and red onion, green mild chilli and very finely chopped thyme and marjoram. After 5 mins wilt some of your lettuces and finely chopped mint leaves. Add vegetable stock and when simmering for 5 mins add your freshly podded and lightly boiled peas, cook for a further 5 mins, pulse until smooth ready to serve. You can do this frozen peas its good but grow your own!
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