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24 October 2018
We have all seen and eaten the bountiful fruits this season.

We have all seen and eaten the bountiful fruits this season brought with those many hours of sunshine but it must have also been beneficial for fungi as my fly agaric has been amazing. It is one of the prettiest and most poisonous of fungi and with true symbiosis grows all around the shallow roots of our of birch trees. The photo does not do it justice but I counted at one time over 100 toadstools open in a few square meters. I am convinced part of their success is the lack of chemicals in the garden.

And finally a little word on our swallows. The parents left the new fledgelings way back at the end of August but the youngsters still roosted each night in the nest on their own up until the 11th September. Then they decided somehow, independently it was time to go South to Africa, Amazing! I wonder where they are now, Cornwall, France, Mediterranean, The Sahara?  Big World small birds.

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