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My Garden Dutch Hoe

  • My Garden Dutch Hoe My Garden Dutch Hoe
  • My Garden Dutch Hoe My Garden Dutch Hoe
  • My Garden Dutch Hoe My Garden Dutch Hoe
  • My Garden Dutch Hoe My Garden Dutch Hoe


We should all use hoes more often – it really is a case of a “stitch in time saves nine”.

Even hoeing before you can see any weeds will disturb seedlings and over time reduce the bank of seeds in your soil waiting for the next rain shower.

This hoe is a “push type” capable of weeding large areas of ground. The double lip allows the weeds to lie exposed to the sun and air so they quickly die.

Weeding with a Dutch hoe is a very different process than weeding with a regular hoe. You won’t have to use that tiring movement where you bring the blade up and down as if you were chopping wood. That’s because Dutch hoes have one-slope blades that face forward. You hold the tool by its long, wooden handle and skim it just under the soil surface. It slices off weeds at the roots.

As with all traditional tools, we use ash for its ability to absorb shocks and the handle is especially turned to be thinner in the centre, so it fits gracefully within the hand.

We stain the light ash to bring out each tool’s unique grain and finish off with bee’s wax for a timeless look.  



Technical details

  • Luxury garden hoe
  • Hardwearing yet elegant
  • Shaped handle to fit within your hands
  • Single forged billet of strengthened high carbon steel E9 hardened to 42-45 HRC
  • Straight grained ash wood Grade BS3823
L 1550mm x W 145 mm x D 32 mm
Weight: 0.90 kg

L 1690 mm x W 150 mm x D 80 mm


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