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My Garden Fork

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  • My Garden Fork My Garden Fork
  • My Garden Fork My Garden Fork


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The perfect gardening tool, the ideal personalised gardening present.

Our traditional garden fork is made from strengthened high carbon steel for extended durability. You can now do what your grandfather did (as it was nearly always men in those days) and hand down your beloved tools to the next generation.

As with all traditional tools, we use ash for its ability to absorb shocks.

We stain the light ash to bring out each tool’s unique grain and finish off with bee’s wax for a timeless look.

The strap handle eliminates any weak points where the strength of your arms puts tension on the wood against the metal in the ground

Stainless-steel is weak and inevitably the tines get wedged between a flint or brick and can bend; our fork avoids this by both the square design of our tines and by using strengthened steel.

We can hand-engrave a name or initials on the handle to make it a truly unique and special present.

For every My Garden Fork you buy, we will donate £2.00 to , using gardening to change lives.

Technical details

  • Luxury garden fork
  • Perfect for digging and breaking up soil
  • Strap D-shaped handle
  • Single forged billet of strengthened high carbon steel E9 hardened to 42-45 HRC
  • Four carbon steel tines
  • Straight grained ash wood Grade BS3823
  • Branded with the “MY GARDEN SPADE” logo
Length 100cm x Blade width 19cm x Blade length 28cm
Weight:  2.3kg
L 1075mm x W 220mm x D 100mm



Inspiration & Advice

All My Garden Spade products are made to last and built to the highest specification. You can leave them in the garden but why would you? They should become your friends, they slot into your hands and are nice to hold. They are not intended to be used as hammers, mallets or for making cement. This will shorten their life and blunt the blades.

Simply wash off any earth from the blade and once in a while, apply a with a cloth some teak oil to the wooden handle. Over time the handle will smooth even further with age.

The paint will eventually wear away, this is normal and is there for only a cosmetic effect.

Add personalisation (£15.00)

See example image

Engraved items will have an extended delivery date


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