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John Miller craftsmanship brought to you by My Garden Spade

We are a start-up company manufacturing traditional garden tools. Based in Marlborough, Wiltshire, our roots go back to a market garden in Jersey and even earlier with our manufacturing partner from Huddersfield in Yorkshire.

We want our customers to love their garden tools as much as they love their gardening. Our grandparents treasured their tools because they were built to last, did the job and were nice to hold. We simply bring together one solid piece of steel and one solid piece of wood and put them together the old-fashioned way.

The Products

Nothing has ever compared to the old fashioned “D” handle. It fits beautifully in the hand and you will want to hold it and admire it every time.


If you want to treat your loved one or a friend to a unique, high quality gardening gift, we can engrave their name on the handle. 

Above all, think “Quality” with a single piece of forged carbonised iron, which straps onto a continuous piece of ash wood with no weak points. It ages gracefully with a gentle patination of the steel into a timeless friend. That is why we call it a “garden tool for life”.

We have a duty to our gardens which often harbour a more diverse ecosystem than the surrounding countryside. If the tools are not up to the job, we increasingly turn to chemicals, but you really can dig the nettles out with our forks. Try for yourself (but please leave a few for the butterflies!)

My Garden Spade products


Quality gardening tools

"The tools were pretty much as I expected from your photographs on the website and your description and I was immediately impressed with the quality and feel of them. I was looking for british made hand forged tools of good quality and traditional manufacture the sort of thing my grandfather used and I have not been disappointed they have all met my expectation. I have used them for about an hour and a half digging so far and found them a pleasure to use. The weight and solid feel of the blades combined with the thickness of the shafts made them easy to handle and digging very easy in what is still baked hard ground and with no ill effects on my back. I find that if you use tools of good quality that are fit for purpose then the task is always easier and more pleasurable and efficient and this is certainly the case with your tools" Laurence B., Seaford, East Sussex.

"What a fantastic spade! I used it for planting the whips to make a wild hedgerow between ours and the next village, in a project sponsored by The Woodland Trust. Everyone on my team wanted to borrow it as it was so much better at the job than any spades that they'd brought with them. Thank you for making the job so much easier! Oh and by the way, your customer service is brilliant too!" Tim Turnbull, Upavon, Wiltshire.

“John, Received the fork yesterday, what a piece of art, a real quality product! She is delighted, I may invest myself if my old cheap one bends anymore than it is. Thanks” Mark Peskett, Calne, Wiltshire

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