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06 May 2020
Assuming there is a God then surely heaven is modelled on May in the Northern hemisphere
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30 April 2020
I feel desperately sorry for Garden Centres..
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22 April 2020
The rain at the weekend...

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20 April 2020
The picture below shows my peas...
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29 March 2020
Well certainly I have more time looking at the garden now
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16 February 2020
A robin wakes me up now in the mornings
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19 January 2020
If the farmers have not been able to get on the land then best We gardeners don’t stamp all over our waterlogged lawns and damage our soil structure. 
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07 December 2019
We seem to be at a tipping point
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12 November 2019
Our products come in nice square boxes easy to wrap, making a simple garden tool a really unique thoughtful gift.
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05 November 2019
Now is the time to tuck up the vegetable garden for the Winter
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