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31 January 2019
For several years I have kept a group of dying lilacs....
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13 January 2019
Despite the cold weather, there are many jobs to get on with ... 
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09 January 2019
My fruit cage is finally secure from birds, rabbits and squirrels ...
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06 November 2018
As November brings darker evenings the herbaceous borders are looking a little sad.
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28 October 2018
Well the dahlias are all now dug
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24 October 2018
We have all seen and eaten the bountiful fruits this season.
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26 September 2018
Border fork, border spade and a hoe!
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26 August 2018
This is a case of “build it and they will come”. 
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23 July 2018

Dibbing those leeks and understanding a bee's bum...

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08 July 2018
I was intrigued by my bee hotel...
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