Are we seeing a resurgence in gardening?

Are we seeing a resurgence in gardening?

The simple answer is yes

Let me explore this topic in the context of the fall out from the Pandemic and in some part Brexit, which may give us a pointer to the direction we are travelling with our instincts to protect ourselves and therefore by default also protect our Planet.

Provenance and Globalisation
The business ingenuity of us humans is amazing. Stuck at home under lockdown we have seen a huge expansion of local businesses supplying vegetables, meat and fish. It appeals to our sense of security to know the supply chain is simple and supports our local business and the community. It is the perfect antidote to clicking Amazon for everything

Packaging and Organic
Difficult times encourage innovation and ingenuity. New companies are starting up everywhere tapping into today’s trends. I like the example of smol (smol | laundry detergent delivered through your letterbox ( a detergent company, which delivers direct to your door dishwasher tablets and washing powder. It comes in compostable packaging, water soluble tablets with less chemicals and is even post box size friendly. Cleaner for our sewers, seas and ultimately us.

Control and self-reliance
And that brings me back to a resurgence in gardening. We like to be in control and pre vaccine we are not in control and its uncomfortable. Growing our own vegetables and herbs, even if a single pot on a windowsill gives us an element of control and satisfaction which is our sole responsibility. 
One step further you see the surge in keeping chickens. Every egg I collect gives me a deep inner pleasure that with a bit of corn, garden clippings and any waste from our plates I have a perfectly formed, clean, organic piece of protein.

As these trends accelerate, we can find many positives in our lives, we can all control. The planet has told us we need to change and we are in the midst of a life changing wake up call. As they say be the change and embrace it. Happy gardening!

Why the bat?
Because I love them and they deserve a home as well. This one lives in our attic

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