Oktoberfest – best time for planting

Oktoberfest – best time for planting

There is a sense of satisfaction now as you put the garden to bed for the Winter and bring some order after the wild growth of Summer.  

If you have a greenhouse, now is a great time to extend the life of some of your plants by bringing them inside. Here we have lemon grass, parsley, tarragon, mint and even basil thriving. 

Tip 1 - this was my third sowing of basil this year so it keeps its freshness well into Autumn.     

Tip 2 - big thumbs up to the lemon grass  - first time I have grown it. Tall grass like plant at the back, pull it like rhubarb and easy to cut not like the shop stuff!

Then there are the slightly tender plants for overwintering such as aeoniums and pelargoniums, which give the greenhouse a more conservatory feel for the Winter.

Autumn jobs
I am currently going through all the herbaceous beds digging up each perennial to a) remove bindweed roots b) divide to freshen the plants and c) re-plant in some order. Over the years I have just added plants randomly and it now requires some co-ordination around colour, height and season. From one big globe artichoke in the wrong place, I divided to 8 plants which will come into the kitchen garden

View from the office
on a lovely October afternoon – I always feel at this time of year there should be a herd of fallow deer relaxing here in the sunlight 

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