Versatility of Mint - it's not just about new potatoes!

Versatility of Mint - it's not just about new potatoes!

So what does mint mean to me?  

In a nutshell a lot, which I chunk into two groups below, but first how does it grow? It’s a really easy plant, just bury the roots either whole or cut up. Ideally have the roost in a moist, cool, enriched soil where the plant can grow up into the sun. If its growing in the wrong place it can be a thug of a weed. This causes many people to plant it in a confined place which is fine providing its not allowed to dry out on a sunny patio.

  1. Chickens: You have all heard of plants for shady corners and sunny patios but what about plants for chicken runs. I find mint is one of the few plants you can grow in the chicken run which does not get eaten, along with the superb perennial Helianthus lemon queen. You can see both growing here, where all other plants have been stripped by my hens. This also helps to bind the soil in the Winter preventing muddy, poached patches. It is also a very late flowering plant which attracts a host of insects seeking the last nectar of the Summer.
  2. Consumption: Well at this very moment working from home it gives me a reason to walk outside, grab a handful and come back to the office with a fresh mint tea, my way of eeking out the Summer. But yes shaken in the pot with your cooked new potatoes is one of the great pleasures of the summer, along with salads and Pimms. The pictures show apple mint which I find lasts longer in the season with plenty of new growth.


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