What’s left to eat in the garden?

What’s left to eat in the garden?

It was a remarkable apple harvest this year, especially when considering the drought, although I suspect the rain came just in time to save the crop. What we did not eat fresh, we have had juiced and bottled at "My Apple Juice" near Hungerford. What a great idea and great service. Take your own apples and collect bottles of fresh juice a week later. Unlike commercial juices we have mixed in multiple varieties such as cox’s, russets and also included pears. See “The Savernake juices (my apple juice) box.”

We now also have our own pots of honey for the first time and together with the fruit the two maybe connected.

The shallots, garlic and onions stored in an outside shed should last us into the new year

Sadly as the nights draw in we only have chard left to eat at the moment but wow its loving this late warm spell. I grow it in place of spinach which always gets attacked by flea beetle. As you can see it just exudes healthiness and is so good for you. We like it wilted with some garlic and olive oil until it becomes a lovely green mush

And of course we have plenty of herbs I will keep going as long as the weather last, they probably more than anything inspire me to cook fresh from the garden. Still cutting are: parsley, thyme, marjoram, rosemary, borage and mint with lemon grass in the greenhouse.

Still left in the ground to over winter and not ready yet are leeks and Russian Kale. I find it a good idea at this time of the year to take off any butterfly netting from the kale so the birds can clean up the leaves of any leftover caterpillars or aphids

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