Wheelbarrow and digging time

Wheelbarrow and digging time
All that summer growth now needs a good sort...

...clear up and many wheelbarrow trips to the compost heaps. I have three main jobs which will form the bulk of my Autumn garden and my personal exercise regime
  1. Kitchen garden: Where summer crops are finished, clear away, dig over and let the weeds grow so I can hoe them out to try and reduce the seed bank (an endless task). The leeks, kale and celeriac are now planted out. Ground is prepared for garlic and shallots I will plant out next month and the rest I will cover with compost for the Winter
  2. Herbaceous borders: These are a mess, at the moment, with too much bindweed although the large Michaelmas daises are coming into their own. My Winter program is to dig everything up, remove bindweed roots and bring back some order
  3. Lawns and wildflower areas: I have 4 systems on the go: pure lawn which we continue to cut as normal short, longer lawn which we will leave over Winter at about 4 ins height, long grass which we will strim next month again to about 6 ins to give the bugs and beasties some shelter and finally the wildflower blocks which we will begin to slowly take down to over Winter at 4 ins height again to help overwintering insects and Owl food. This may sound complicated but it’s a lot less maintenance than mowing everything each week. Aesthetically it is a joy but the wealth of insects, buzz of bees and floating butterflies brings in the birds. Even now in September the garden is providing a drop off canteen for South migrating willow warblers, chiffchaffs and spotted flycatchers in numbers quite outstanding for such a small patch. Over Summer both our Spotted flycatchers and swallows raised two broods and the house martin 3 successful nests.

One of this year’s spotted flycatchers (you can tell by the streaks on the head) in typical pose with head crooked on one side looking for insects just outside my office window.

Order being restored



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