It can be so much more than a bunch of flowers

It can be so much more than a bunch of flowers

Away from the tinsel and bling of a million cards and cheap, cellophane wrapped flowers, there is a pertinency to Mother’s day being slap bang in the middle of Spring. 

Gone are the days when the allotments were full of retired men and front gardens full of competitive dahlias and oh who can grow the biggest gooseberry (although still great!). Today’s gardeners are typically looking for alternative exercise, fresh air, healthy eating and all round happiness. They are empty nesters, have an average age of 55 and are Women.

Here at nearly 70% of our customers are women and our border spades and forks outsell our larger tools by 2:1. Are the women taking over the garden while the men are taking over the kitchen or is that a lazy explanation of melting gender stereotypes?

I like to think its deeper. Peak materialism passed, people want a sense of achievement in building, producing something, while seeking connectivity to the land and nature.

Has social media helped advance this with instagram influencers particularly well represented with women sharing stories on what you can have?

But first you need to grow it, it’s a lifestyle thing not a shop thing
Check out @good_life_garden (love the tomatoes), @lavenderandleeks  (mix of growing and lifestyle)

So back to commercialism here is what I would recommend for Mothers’ day giving it more of a sense of purpose:

In ascending order of price

  1. Seeds  - they are very personal and great value £1 to £2 – check out heritage varieties
  2. Bulbs – Summer and Autumn varieties £2 to £5 – eg Guernsey lillies
  3. Small herbaceous pot plants £5 to £8 – michaelmas daisies
  4. Nestboxes £8 to £20 – plus inc bat and bee homes
  5. Larger plants £20 to £30 tree peonies are different or climbers
  6. Trees £20 to £40
  7. Luxury garden hoe - high quality precision craftsmanship from John Miller - My Garden Spade @£45 simply the best hoe for weeding
  8.  Luxury garden fork- high quality precision craftsmanship from John Miller - My Garden Spade or border spade - high quality precision craftsmanship from John Miller - My Garden Spade @ £90 great for all round


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